About Us

We would like to introduce our "Work Certified" program. Five years of research and development and employer input has enabled us to produce an ideal program that truly helps job seekers understand what they must do to be successful in the work place. The program not only addresses basic and soft skills, but also prepares individuals to understand and fulfill their role in business. This behavioral modification, team-building program advances job seekers' self-esteem, which better enables them to find a job and keep a job.

Our Work Certified program is unique because our main clients are the business community. The primary focus of this unique program is that it emphasizes the mastery of job skill competencies required by employers. This is different than most certification programs, whether they are not-for-profit, government, or public or private schools. Our approach is more of a "business-training" program with certification only given to participants who have demonstrated that they are truly ready to be responsible productive employees. Towards that end, this is not a program whose success is based upon the percentage of enrolled students who complete certification or the average scores obtained by students on the certification test. The success of our Work Certified program is based upon how well the students apply their newly learned skills and perform in their jobs.

Because of the successful results that our customers, both job seekers and employers, have experienced with our Work Certified program, we now offer the replication of this program to Workforce Boards, Corporations, Small Businesses, Community and Faith Based organizations, and school systems around the country.